Waxing Vs. Epilating – Which One Is Best For Hair Removal?

using epilator

Using an epilator and waxing are two outshining methods of hair removal available out there; though each of them comes with its pros and cons. A Diva Toolkit epilator is an electric device with a rotating tweezers head, which traps hair and pulls it from the root as it runs across the skin, making it a modern hair removal solution to an ancient problem.

On the other hand, waxing is a technique of hair removal that has been used for so many decades. In this case, hot wax is evenly spread across the skin to remove unwanted hair.

Choosing between waxing and epilation

1. Effectiveness

Waxing has been used for many years because of its effectiveness. This method pulls your bodDIY waxing y hairs from the root and also takes dead skin with it – leaving your body looking nice and fresh. The only drawback is that the wax presses hair down against your skin, making it difficult to pull the hair.

In some cases, chances are your hair will be broken or damaged instead of pulled. Epilating, on the other hand, takes this process and mechanizes it. An epilator is used to pull your hair directly from the root – leaving it damaged/broken and causing the hair, particularly that grows back to be weaker and thinner.

2. Convenience

When it comes to hair removal, epilating is the most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair from your body. Waxing requires more time for preparation – whether it is making an appointment or heating up the wax.

While cold waxing is certainly convenient and can be a good option too, it’s less far effective and can cause irritation and ingrown hairs. In this case, the epilating is most convenience way to remove hair.

3. Skin irritation

You are more likely to get some red bumps on your skin after epilating. However, this is normal because of the effect of pulling your hair individually from the root. Usually, this redness subsides after some hours.

Waxing helps to pull your hair out and removes dead skin cells just like exfoliating does, leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky. If you have sensitive skin, waxing can also cause some irritation, but not as much as epilation does.

4. Painepilating

Both waxing and epilating get less painful as the skin gets used to the regular sensation. However, it can be argued that waxing is capable of covering a larger surface at a time, and so overall, the pain is fairly less. On the other hand, an epilator can be used at a lower speed setting, or wet to minimize pain.

The epilator was designed to make the whole process of hair removal simpler and also to remedy some of the problems that waxing had.…