The Benefits of Teaching English in China Private Schools


Are you planning to travel to China to teach English? China should be your ultimate destination since it offers a lot of limitless opportunities for you to improve your career in teaching profession. China is the largest country worldwide regarding student population. You can teach English in international schools if you are a qualified and trained English teacher. It has over 1.35 billion people, most of them being students who go to schools to learn different languages. Here are the Benefits of Teaching English in China Private Schools:


1. China has the fastest growing economy

China has the world’s fastest growing economy regarding GDP, with the most highly- towns and cities in the wholegraduation hat world, and rich ancient history among others. Regardless of the stories that you might have read or heard before, China is an extraordinary and unique place to live while teaching English. Most of the English teachers thrive in different lifestyles of their choice since it has endless opportunities.

2. The schools pay higher salaries for English teachers

English teachers who teach in Private Schools within China can make in between 6,300 – 16, 500 RMB that is ($950 – $2,550 USD). Those who teach English at private international schools, nevertheless, can make as high as 30,000 RMB ($4,700 USD). Also, you must keep in mind; the salary also depends on the location of the school since some may pay higher depending on the cost of living in those cities or towns. For instance, when residing in Sichuan and Henan provinces, one English can make as high as 30,200 RMB ($4,800 USD) per month since these cities are highly populated. The most top paying areas in China are Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong since they have a comparatively higher cost of living from the number of people residing in the cities.

3. They offer better working conditions

learning As opposed to other countries in the Asia, China has an excellent package for teachers who teach international languages. Many of the well-known language schools or institutes in China offer free accommodation, visas, insurance, flight reimbursement/allowance, and paid vacation (although days and times of the year may differ).

One can rise higher on the salary scale when teaching The English language due to the demand in the country. In addition, some international companies require their employees to speak English making it one of the emerging languages in China. For instance, you will probably have the same living standard when teaching English in private schools in China same as the USA.

In conclusion, the above are the top 3 reasons why to teach English in China Private Schools.…