Clover Mini Point of Sale System Overview

cards inside pocket

Clover Mini Point of Sale (POS) is probably one of the most convenient and flexible payment terminals. It is easy to handle and has great benefits to both merchants and their customers. It is a sleek and powerful financial solution that virtually accepts varying payment types and scales up into full functionality of a point-of-sale (POS). The clover credit card machine has inbuilt specialized apps that increase the accuracy and reliability of its functionality. It has a friendly user interface which makes it possible to apply.



The Clover Mini POS is the third product in the Clover POS hardware and was launched in 2015. The Clover Mini POS has an inbuilt receipt printer, a customer-facing camera, an USB hub to facilitate peripheral hardware, a Merchant keypad, and a cash drawer. The POS is an improvement to the standard payment terminal with an advanced payment interface. The Clover Mini supports EMV-ready cards and contactless payment methods that are integrated with a QR reader system for security reasons. The POS is adaptable to different business industries usage and can be developed and upgraded over time.

Merchant services

The Clover Min POS system comes with a merchant account making it possible to provide merchant services. The POS system is portable, functional and flexible as an ideal point of sale system. The system retails between $ 200- $400 at most electronic outlets. The service plan has two service plans which include; the 2000 Service plan and the Pro Service plan. The 2000 Service plan supports EMV cards, and Apple Pay can issue refunds, manage tabs, tips, and authorizations. Moreover, it has a cloud synchronization, closeout reporting and offers optional employee permissions. On the other hand, the Pro service plan features tax charges, customer management systems, create inventory management, applies discounts and rings up orders.



Most information generated and used by the Clover Mini POS system is stored in Cloud-based and locally-installed locations. When the internet is down, the Clover Mini continues to operate till when the connectivity is restored, then the data is automatically synchronized. Interestingly, the Clover Mini is customized to be industry specific which facilitates quick and full service for retail businesses. The Clover Mini POS system is convenient for small and medium sized businesses that operate on limited budgets. The usage of the POS system is quite easy as it has no hassle in setting it up. Moreover, it has a short learning curve since the Clover device resembles a Smartphone device or a computer screen. Therefore, it is possible to understand its functionality easily.