Fisher-Price Loving Family Dream Dollhouse Review

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The Fisher-Price house is a fantastic dollhouse for the young kids. It comes with a beautiful family of four that is the dad, mum, toddler, and a baby. The three-storey house has nine rooms in total. It also has a separate room that has been set up as a hidden playroom for the children’s activities.

The Fisher-Price Family Dream has been created using the model of an actual family. Some of the features include the winding staircase, the beautiful bathroom sconce, and a sparkling chandelier.

Basic facts

Main features

Just like a real house, the Fisher-Price Loving Family Dream Dollhouse is well-furnished and comes with its fittingspuppies inside basket and furniture for all the nine rooms. It also has the twinkling lights that have a colorful appearance.

It also comes with sweet melodies which many kids will find themselves singing along with time. It has several pre-recorded songs that are catchy and can be played throughout the different rooms.

The nine rooms are spacious with complete furniture and fittings. The nine rooms are spread out over three floors and three wings. The entrance has a grand staircase and a door bell that is meant to sound an alarm when someone comes from the outside. It also has a mischievous family member called bunny that periodically disappears and hides under the sofa. Some of the advantages include:

High quality

All the features and qualities that have been mentioned are of the highest quality, which helps in keeping the kids engrossed for several hours. This helps the children develop their creative and analytical skills at a tender age while having fun.

Fair pricing

The pricing is also fair when you look at the features that it has and compare it with similar products. It is beautiful and has a combination of many colors that many children will find attractive. It also gives the kids room for the unending possibilities which means that the kids can be able to think outside the box and make new discoveries.


The Fisher-Price Loving Family Dream is made of durable plastic and comes with great internal decoration that is easy to assemble. This means that this house can be used over and over again by your kids. It takes between 10 and 15 minutes to assemble all the nine rooms.


toys Just like other products, this product has disadvantages as well. It is, however, critical to point out that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

One of the disadvantages is that it does not come with many useful accessories like the batteries and toys. These accessories are usually bought separately.…