Tips to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

cat in the house

Cats love outdoors. But outdoor cats face multiple risks than indoor ones. They are often exposed to infectious diseases, of which most are fatal. They are also at the risk of vehicles. Other threats include poisoning, pet theft, and inhumane treatment by people.This problem can be solved by keeping cats indoors. It’s not only better for our cats but also for wildlife. It also increases the lifespan of the cat.

While keeping your cat indoors, observing their behaviors is crucial. Some behaviors are assumed to be as a result of Cats Down Syndrome. But how common is down syndrome in cats? Well,this is still a mystery and brings about lots of confusion. The confusion arises from the fact that cat may behave oddly on their instincts or due to other issues ailments. Besides, few people are so sure of the cat’s normal behaviour.

Below are some tips on how you can keep your indoor cat happy:

Add Toys

cat playing with toyEvery indoor cat needs to stay active as well as exercise. Therefore, you need to get some toys for your indoor cat. That you get your cat moving through interactive play, also, it encourages the cat to leap, pounce, and to run around the house. This helps your cat to become an indoor athlete.

Generally, the simplest toys are the best. For example, you can get your indoor cat catnip toys. Also, they love playing with ribbons, feathers, or fabric strips dangled on short poles. This keeps your cat engaged, thus making her happy.

Enrich the Indoor Environment

cats with stuff to playYou can transform a part of your living house into a genuine cat paradise. This gives you cat more activities to do, thus keeping her happier indoors.If you have limited space, you can expand it upwards with climbing trees or cat condos.

Also, build a taller model with many perches. This provides the most vertical space that appeals to the cat’s typical interest in heights.Cats love to sunbath and enjoy looking outside. So, it is vital to install perches to provide your cat with plenty of windows opportunities. Moreover, you can place the bird feeders near the windows to attract a variety of birds. This engages the interest of the indoor cat.

Spend Time with Them

spending time with catsThe best you can do for your feline friend is to spend time with them. Grooming or playing with your cat is good because your cat adores you and likes spending time with a close friend.The effective way of maintaining your cat indoors is to give them attention. It also essential to add some intriguing items indoors to provide a happy environment for them.…