Keeping Mosquitoes Under Control Naturally

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Mosquitoes are not only annoying but carry a host of diseases. Some of the diseases include Yellow Fever and Malaria. Mosquito control has been about spraying only.

You can create a favorable environment for mosquitoes predators such as bats, birds, guppy, fish, and dragonflies. By spraying chemicals, you eliminate these predators and therefore causing an mosquitoes control at parkimbalance in the mosquito population. Try to recreate nature’s balance between the prey and predator.

It is easy to attract birds to your garden. Plant some flowers, bushes, and trees that .attract them. Usually, birds build their houses and feed in dense, covered areas. Fortunately, these are areas where mosquitoes hide during the day. Ensure you use compost manure as this attracts birds. You can also add some earthworms. This will attract birds that feed on them.

Bats remain huge predators of mosquitoes. For instance, an average bat is said to eat over five hundred mosquitoes in less than one hour. You can welcome them by constructing a bat house in your garden. If you cannot build one, there are many on the market to buy. Think of a bat house with tens of bats and the number of mosquitoes they can eat in one hour.

Avoid having stagnant waters near your home. This is because mosquitoes control at foreststanding water attracts a lot of mosquitoes. If you have a pond or pool in your home, consider adding a water feature that circulates the water. The other option is to add some sedges or rushes. This will create a conducive environment for the natural predators such as fish and dragonflies. Predators play a great role in combating the mosquito menace. This is because they live in similar conditions and environments. The best way of attracting dragonflies has a pond with rushes and sedges. You can also add fish to the pond. Fish can eat more than 150 mosquito larvae in less than one hour. The best fish type is minnows and guppy. If you cannot eliminate standing water, the best option is to add fish to where stagnant water is.

Eliminating mosquito breeding sites remains one of the major ways to mosquito control. However, it can be a costly and difficult process. Mosquitoes can travel to far distances like a kilometer. This means that the breeding grounds may be located quite far from your reach.…