iMacs VS PCs

pc vs mac

pc vs macAre imacs better than pcs?

This is a never ending debate with each side presenting reasonable arguments as to why it is better. Better is of course a subjective term with each person having their own way of thinking and it is therefore down to the individual to decide.

Both teams have dealt blows to each other over the years in their campaigns for example Apple portraying the PC as a virus-ridden, crash prone, boring, work-horse and the PC guys labeling the Mac as overpriced.

There are of course numerous differences in both hardware and software that put iMacs and PC’s apart. We’ll try to put this debate to bed in this article once and for all by looking at these differentiators.


Macs are built by a single company, Apple. They build both the hardware and the operating system and the two are therefore guaranteed to work well together. The hardware is designed with the operating system in mind to ensure a smooth experience is delivered to the user. For the PC, the hardware and software are built by different companies. While the software is made by Microsoft company; HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony or any one of the seemingly a million other companies make the windows PC hardware.

In case a problem arises with your Mac, you only have to deal with Apple but in case your PC has a problem, all those involved in making it point fingers at each other.


There are very many PC styles in the market but it is undeniable that none can hold a candle to the Mac when it comes to elegance and style. Apples look cool. The quality of their hardware is also second to none.

Ease of purchase

There are so many choices for PC’s from different manufacturers to the speeds and sizes. While this could be an advantage since you have a choice of the type of PC that best suits your needs, it becomes a headache when you are shopping. This is because you cannot really tell if you are getting the best deal. For the Mac, shopping is quite straight forward and you can easily narrow down your search. More to that, you are sure you are getting a quality product in whichever Mac you purchase.

Security and Viruses

Mac users live blissfully with the lack of malware, spyware or any viruses. They have for years flaunted the apparent invulnerability of the Mac systems while ridiculing the virus ridden PC’s.


Although there are some high end PCs in the market, Macs are generally more expensive. PC guys think these high price tags to be over-inflated and unjustifiable. Apple argues that just like Ferrari s, the high price tag makes Macs more desirable. Also, PC’s lose their value faster than Macs so the acquisition cost may be higher for the Mac but a few years down the line, you can still trade it in at a good price but the same cannot be said for the PC.

Advertising could be the modern substitute for argument but the facts are there for each individual to make their own choice and answer the question, are imacs better than pcs?…