Steps on How to Buy the Best Cat Litter Box

Cats are unique pets because of their use of litter boxes. Dogs and other pets will not pee or poop in the house unless the exit options are all locked. Cats will need a dedicated space to do their thing in privacy just as humans need a bathroom. They appear as the most disciplined pets in this area. Finding a good litter box for them is every cat owners dilemma. This article comes to the rescue.  You do not have to include all of them, but the more you keep in mind, the brighter and better the value of the deal you get compared to the alternatives.

The Brand

When starting with first purchase, make sure you consider the trusted brands. Read reviews and listen to what other cat owners are talking about when it comes to litter boxes. If they are neither praising a specific box nor castigating it, then there is a likelihood that they do not know about it, and you might want to stay away; it’s better to replace your current box with a trusted brand because you reduce the chances of headaches and hair pulling experiences arising out of regret.

The Cat’s Comfort

Make sure the litter box is comfortable. It should be of the right size and come with the essential amenities to ensure the cat will be healthy. You can have the best design and value in the market, but if the product is not comfortable, the cat will ditch it for something else. You will be very sad when waking up to a sofa full of cat shit hidden inside it, and a glaring hole ripped behind it. Avoid such nightmares by paying attention to the cat’s comfort from the word go.

Consider Self-Cleaning Options

A simple design tweak can turn a tedious cleaning job into a cool feature for your litter box. Go from a basic box to a self-cleaning one and your life will change. You will free up hours every week to spend on other things you love. You might make donuts or do yoga with the free time saved from cleaning the litter box especially when your pet has diarrhea. Self-cleaning is the way to go because there is no risk of waiting too long before you get home to check on the pet and clean its pee or poop.

Prevent Spraying of Litter

The cat’s paws will often be traps for litter, which then sprays around the box and eventually on the house’s floor. You can use a smart litter box design having small holes to let the cat’s paws drop excess litter before getting out of the box. Cats seem to know they carried litter and you will see them in their free time trying to rub off or lick their paws. However, that might be too late since the cleaning takes place while the cat is resting on your couch. Let it happen earlier at the litter box to save time and energy.