iHerb Coupon Code

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This coupon code began as an unpopular health coupon entity, only to become a viral hit in the first two years of its launch. If you are a first time customer, iHerb coupon gives you a discount of $5. However, if you are a return customer, you stand a chance to benefit from a 5% discount if you order $60 or more. You will also get free shipping on orders worth more than $20 if you are in the US and a low cost of shipping worldwide.

Five key ideas that iHerb employ to market their successful discount code

1. They sell cheaply without compromising on quality

gardeniHerb is in a position to sell at deep discounts due to the enormous savings it gets from their packaging, distributions and warehousing systems. They then pass on the savings to their customers in the form of low prices.

2. They offer products deep and wide

In order to capture the attention of a large segment of the public, iHerb sells their products deep and wide. And with the many options available, buyers will stay longer and buy more as a result.

3. They give a distinct incentive

iHerb is still giving an instant cash rebate of ten dollars to first timers. The best part is that the customers get their iHerb discount code, and they can give away to their family and friends. This strategy led to the introduction of iHerb rewards hence the reason it went viral. The iHerb reward program allows a customer to earn dollar credits when new buyers, family or friends use their code when shopping for the first time. The dollar amounts can then be used to settle purchases, and if they exceed $300, they can be converted to cash at the end of the month.

This was well-received by the customers.

4. iHerb gives customers a good purchasing experience

IHerb has repeat customers who are always giving positive feedback, a clear indication that it is giving their customers a great buying experience.

5. It makes use of Facebook

IHerb IHerb considers Facebook an integral part of their marketing strategy. They market their products here such that customers can ventilate complaints or give comments.

IHerb attributes its success to the above five ideas. It is high time you take advantage of iHerb coupon code. Benefit from volume discounts offered and remember the more you purchase, the cheaper it gets.