How To Receive Fax on Gmail


Thanks to technology, communication has been eased a great deal. One of the commonest and long-serving methods of communication is the use of faxes. For long, faxes have been in use, and they continue to be in use. It is therefore prudent that faxes undergo a revolution that will see them be accessive from any point.

Do you that today you can read your faxes in PDF form via Gmail? That’s how it is. You don’t have to be near your fax machine or your dedicated line to get faxes. Enjoy the convenience, safety, and the speed of faxes by accessing them on your Gmail. Gmail is so far the most widely used email services provider.

Advantages of Receiving Faxes on Gmail

Gmail will label your faxes clearly and separate them from other emails. You should, therefore, be sure to take note and access the fax received easily. Gmail allows you to integrate the faxes with its cloud storage via google drive. You will have 15GB google drive for your digital faxes. This mail also offers the convenience of integrating emails and fax services. Access them all in one inbox. Gmail is favorite because of its lightning speed. Enjoy the super speeds of Gmail. Through cloud storage and the portability of Gmail, you can access your faxes anywhere, and any time.

Sign up today for fax delivery into Gmail in the following easy steps.

Create an Account

Before you can move far, ensure that you have two accounts. You need an email address and an online fax service. You may create a new email account to avoid mixing of faxes with a huge number of personal, social, or promotional messages. Make sure that you also have an email fax service. This gives you a fax number which will be directing your faxes to your Gmail inbox. This number acts as the virtual line and never goes off even when the computer is off.

Link the Accounts

Now that you have a fax number and a Gmail address link them. Linking the two is very easy. Once you have created an account with a fax service provider, you are ready to link. You need to choose whether you need an online or toll-free number. Your choice doesn’t increase charges. Next step is entering the email address and picking the number. With that, you are free to go. Remember that you can link up to five Gmail accounts.

Moving an Existing Fax Number

If you would like to move your number, there is a provision. In the process of linking, ask your provider for transfer and follow the prompts. Since your number is not configured for online use, this transfer might take some days to process. Be patient and continue using the temporary number provided.
Let’s move into a more efficient system without leaving behind what we love and use. Your faxes will then be delivered to you via email inbox as a pdf attachment. You can, therefore, access this fax anywhere and any time.…

Welding Tips for All Beginners

welding tips

Welding as a beginner can be frustrating. However, just like any other skill, it takes time. You might not get the perfect molds as a beginner. As your skills advance, you will learn how to do welding well. The first step is to make sure that you invest in proper equipment.

With the best welding equipment, you are halfway there to creating the perfect mold. When it comes to welding, the main thing is to make sure that you invest in growing and developing your skill.

Always Use Protective Clothing

It is advisable to use protective clothing still. You need to protect yourself when welding. Remember to wear gloves so that you can protect your hands. It is also essential to protect your eyes by wearing dark welding glasses.

Welding can cause harm to your body, and the light can damage your eyes. The best way to go about it is to make sure that you always stay protected. It will not cost much to protect yourself, but it will go a long way in saving your health in the long run.


Prepare the Welding Surface

Before you start the welding process, you need to make sure that you prepare the welding surface. Preparing the welding surface is easy, and it does not take some time. For many surfaces, all you need is to use a piece of cloth to wipe out the dust.

You need to wipe out the dust so that you can avoid welding on a dirty surface. It will take some time to prepare the surface, but it will make the welding process much more comfortable.

Use the Correct Wire

welding.You need to use the correct wire for welding. When you use the right cable for the welding process, you will get the right results.

The type of wire that you choose will depend on the kind of metal that you are using. If you have been trained on how to do welding, then you probably know the importance of choosing the right wire for welding.

Practice Welding Techniques

There are a variety of welding techniques. Different welding techniques will determine the results.

You need to make sure that your mold is strong and sooth. It will take some time to decide the best welding technique. However, after some time you will be able to choose the right welding technique.…

How To Choose The Right Heat Sealer

man using Heat sealer

When choosing a heat sealer, it is quite important to know the material that is going to be sealed. Also, you should have the material width and thickness available. In this way, you can make the selection process quite easier. This ensures that the heat sealing machine you purchase can seal your material. In this post, we reveal four important features of these types of machines to help you choose the right one for you.

What is a heat sealer?

Heat sealer can be defined as a machine that is used in sealing plastic material using heat. There are several types of heat sealers and finding the right one can be quite overwhelming. There are two major types of these machines: Direct heat sealer and impulse heat:

Impulse heat sealers

TheHeat sealerse types of heat sealers do not need warm up time, and they seal through the application of energy to sealing area. This is then followed by cooling. They use power when its jaw is lowered. If you want to seal a thermoplastic material, then it is advisable to use one that needs a low seal temperature. You will find them easy to use as there is no need for warm-up time. Moreover, they are economical (electricity is only used during the sealing process) and very safe ( not all components are always hot).

Direct heat sealers

These are designed to maintain constant heat in the both jaws. They use power whenever they are turned on. It is recommended to use this type of heat sealer for various materials such as gusset bags, poly cello films, aluminum foil, waxed paper, coated PP, and most thicker materials.

Vacuum sealers

These are designed to remove air from a product before you seal into the impermeable package. Vacuum sealing is recommended to prevent spoilage, corrosion, and oxidation. The barrier bags use PE, and PP bags are all porous. Thus, they are not ideal for long-term storage.

The following are some of the things to consider when choosing a heat sealing machine:


The size of a sealing machine is dependent on the width of the material, which is being sealed. It is recommended to add an inch to the width of material for easy handling. The cutters on sealer trim at slightly less than the width of sealer arm.holding big Heat sealer


Portable sealers are known for being versatile, handy, and lightweight. On the other hand, hand sealers are economical and simple. They can easily seal over 20 packages per minute.…