All You Need to Know About Nicotine Levels in E-Juice


When choosing the best e-juice, here are some of the top considerations a smart buyer must consider into their pick. E-liquids vary in terms of strength, making it more difficult in vaping strengths. At times, trial and error is the best way to determine the power of the liquid. This article can help the user arrive at an informed decision.

What Are The Levels of Nicotine In E-Juice?

Most e-juices vary in strength, starting from those with zero concentration to high. Different companies have different quality standards with regards to nicotine levels. In that regard, you will have to focus on the number of milligrams your brand of choice contains. Usually, the e-liquids on retail start from 0mg and rise to 24mg. The nicotine in e-liquids is measured in milligrams per millimeter. At times this figure is expressed as a percentage.

A common question is whether the strength of the liquid one smokes equates that of a regular cigarette. For instance, a single 10 ml bottle of nicotine liquid delivers a dose of 24mg meaning it has 240 mg of nicotine. Just as there are 20mg drops of nicotine in a single milliliter, this would equate to 1.2mg per drop. Unfortunately, not all of this nicotine is absorbed when the vaper is in use. The actual percentage of absorption ranges from 40 to 65 percent.

smokingWhen looking at the nicotine potency listed on the cigarette pack, you might misconstrue the figure to be high. The values on the cigarette packs only show the yield that the smoker inhales and not the amount of tobacco, which tends to be higher. As for the e-liquid juice, the amount shown cannot be directly compared with that of the packs.

Choosing The Right E-Liquid

Choose the right level of nicotine so that you do not interfere with your transition from cigarette to e-liquid. If you accidentally pick a low level, you will be forced to smoke more to overcompensate for the shortfall in nicotine in the bloodstream. Alternatively, if you were used to the standard cigarette concentrations, and you decide to transition to the 8m1 e-liquid concentrations rapidly, you will suffer specific withdrawal symptoms.

The same is akin to a light cigarette smoker suddenly switching to strong a-liquids only to discover that they are overloading on nicotine. Giving your body much more than it requires can have adverse effects in the long run. Among the adverse effects are a sore throat or feelings of light-headedness. If you get the right concentrations of nicotine when transitioning from the old cigarette to the vaping device, your experience will flow smoothly.


One becomes a heavy smoker when they smoke cigarettes high in nicotine. You can control the amount you inhale by using a pen-style e-cig that limits your inhale to 12mg/ml or anything below 18mg/ml. The buzz feelings can be different or may not exist altogether as there are no other chemicals in tobacco cigarettes.